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14 hours ago

CD coating UV light curing

CD coating UV light curing
Optical disc printing layer
Print disc customer identification, capacity and other relevant information, this is the back of the disc. In fact, the CD printing layer, which can not only indicate the information, you can also play a certain role in protecting the disc. By high-speed screen printing or offset printing, the picture can be printed on the disk paint layer. Images can be reproduced up to eight colors, but it depends on the ability of the label to copy business. Screen printing is the most commonly used method. It is the picture into a hole in the network, the ink attached to the disk through the network. This process is similar to stencil printing. Offset printing using ink roller and printing station to convert pictures. This method is widely used in traditional commercial printing, but also for the printing of optical disc trademarks. Offset printing can be achieved when a higher quality of the quality of the resolution, it is better than the screen printing where the printing can be enhanced four-color images and other complex graphics. After printing, the discs are either automatically or manually packed. CD printing layer using UV ink, combined with UV light curing machine. Work efficiency, the printing quality has obvious effect.
For the coating curing, a long time, are the use of mercury lamps as curing equipment, this thankless equipment, in recent years with the UV curing technology matures and decline. With the deepening of understanding, technology maturity, LED more extensive range of applications, as opposed to the UVLED glue, paint, ink or other coatings are in composition or technology has greatly improved. At the same time UV light source from the point to the surface gradually. But also from a single band to multi-band light source development. Everything is changing, and now, the industry, as long as you do light-cured, UV light curing machine can meet.
3 days ago

Digital isolator UV light curing effect:

UV-curing using digital isolator UV light oil, only a few seconds to a second time to fully cure time, curing process without high temperature baking, will not cause the case of variants and other issues, energy efficient, but also lower The rejection rate. After curing the product is not volatile organic residues, non-toxic harmless, after a strong ultraviolet radiation after the workpiece also comes with complete sterilization. Coating gloss from the highest light to full matte can be adjusted, with a variety of substrates and primers, can produce a variety of surface effects to.
Overall, the price of the digital isolator UV light curing machine will remain stable despite the huge increase in market demand. Although there has been price pressure in isolator components, today's digital isolator UV light curing machine solutions continue to add new features such as low power modes and safety capabilities. Therefore, the digital isolator UV light curing machine will continue to enhance the value while maintaining long-term.
4 days ago

Digital isolator UV light curing

Digital Isolator is an electronic system, the digital signal and analog signal transmission, so that it has a high resistance and isolation characteristics, in order to achieve the separation between electronic systems and users of a chip, the use of optocoupler, magnetic isolation And capacitor isolation to achieve, but its power consumption, speed, isolation voltage, etc. often can not achieve optimal.
Digital isolators were introduced more than 10 years ago to reduce the adverse effects associated with optocouplers. Digital isolators are based on CMOS-based circuitry that can provide significant cost and power savings while significantly increasing data rates. The digital isolator is defined by the above elements. Insulation material determines its inherent isolation capability, and the material selected must meet safety standards. More and more intelligent industrial and communications equipment, providing more high-power system control and feedback, and achieve greater efficiency and reduce system cost, the market today for digital isolators UV light curing machine needs are also Growing.
Digital isolator UV light curing technology in the off-line LED driver application description:
The widespread use of LEDs and heatsinks between mechanical isolation and non-isolated drives, however, complicates the electromagnetic interference (EMI) problem and poses a potential security risk. We have adopted the micro-transformer technology, to achieve an integrated, compact and reliable off-line LED driver isolation. These innovative technologies not only allow accurate constant current control of the amplified current error signal, but also provide auxiliary bias isolation to the primary side controller, eliminating the auxiliary winding. More importantly, the various barrier functions on both sides of the barrier, such as the reference voltage, error amplifier, over-voltage protection and PFC controller, etc. are integrated. This integrated isolation provides efficient and accurate control of multi-stage LED drivers with no flicker and no lifetime limitations, enabling LED drivers to match LED bulbs in terms of lifetime and reliability.
5 days ago

Material Types of Optical Lens

1, silicone lens
Because the silicone high temperature (also can be reflow), commonly used to direct encapsulation in the LED chip, the general silicone lens smaller, diameter 3-10mm
2, PMMA lens
Optical grade PMMA, is polymethyl methacrylate, commonly known as acrylic. The use of plastic materials, high production efficiency, can be done by injection molding, extrusion; high light transmittance, 3mm thickness of the permeability of about 93% of the temperature; temperature can not exceed 80 °, heat distortion temperature of 92 °
3, PC lens
Optical grade material Polycarbonate, referred to as PC. But also the use of plastic materials, high production efficiency, can be completed by injection molding, extrusion; light transmittance slightly lower, 3mm thickness of the penetration rate of about 89%; temperature can not exceed 110 °, heat distortion temperature of 135 °
4, the glass lens
Optical glass material with high transmittance (97%), high temperature characteristics; shape of a single, fragile, mass production is not easy to achieve, low production efficiency, high cost. Glass lens suppression molding Optical glass lens Fine hot forming process is a new fine optical glass components manufacturing process. It not only has high compliance, low cost, friendly to the situation, the right to produce fine aspheric lens, and other advantages, and because of its high mold description accuracy and appearance accuracy, making the lens after molding without further processing such as polishing Can be used indirectly. Thus, the process over the years more and more attention by researchers and industry. The physical properties of the glass material in the hot pressing process will be changed, so that the optical properties of the thermoformed lens to form a positive impact. 
5 days ago

Optical lens UV light curing

LED optical lens is generally silicone lens, the high temperature of silicone, which commonly used in indirect encapsulation in the LED chip. Ordinary silica gel lens is small, diameter 3-10mm. And LED optical lens and LED closely together, it helps to promote the LED light obey, the lens changes the LED light field dispersion of the optical system. High-power LED optical lens, reflective cup is mainly used for high-power LED optical lens light source series of products, such as condenser, light guide. High-power LED lens based on the angle of the difference between the LED light distribution light distribution curve, through the growth of optical reflection, out of optical loss, improve light efficiency.
One of the main advantages of UV-curable UV curing technology is that the initial capital investment in the UV curing system is low. Compared with the investment in hot air drying equipment, the UV light curing system can save 80% of the investment in equipment investment. Optical lens UV light curing other advantages is to improve the production efficiency, improve the quality of the optical lens, the optical lens diversification. In addition, UV light curing materials because of low energy consumption, solvent-free emissions, both safe and does not pollute the environment; curing speed, high production efficiency, suitable for production line; curing coating performance; optical lens UV light curing equipment, Small footprint, low investment, especially suitable for the production of optical lenses.
7 days ago

Bank card UV light curing system

Bank card is approved by the commercial banks (including postal financial institutions) issued to the community with consumer credit, transfer settlement, access to cash and other cash or other functions of all or part of the credit payment tool. The magnetic strip is a thin layer of aligned, oriented, ferric oxide particles that are tightly bonded together by a resinous binder and bonded to a non-magnetic substrate such as paper or plastic. Bank card Magnetic stripe is essentially the same as a computer tape or disk. It can be used to record alphabetical, alphanumeric and digital information. It is firmly integrated with plastic or paper by bonding or heat sealing to form a magnetic card.
Bank card UV light curing process is the most important feature of a number of plastic film base by the high temperature and a certain strength of the pressure to the pressure of the way the pressure for the entire card, and then die-cut after the final production for the finished product. Therefore, in the membership card production process to the card laminating temperature and pressure for proper control and adjustment, otherwise it will directly due to improper processing of the card surface directly affect the overall artistic effect, bank card UV light curing machine just to do this a little.
Bank card UV light curing machine takes only a few seconds to a second time can be completely cured, curing process without high temperature baking, will not cause the case of variants and other issues, energy efficient, but also reduces the rejection rate. Bank card UV light curing products without volatile organic residues, non-toxic harmless, after a strong ultraviolet radiation after the workpiece also comes with complete sterilization. Coating gloss from the highest light to full matte can be adjusted, with a variety of substrates and primers, bank card UV light curing can produce a variety of surface effects, so with bank card UV light curing Machine is the development trend.
1 week ago

Metal coating UV light curing

Equipment, metal coating the most common surface of the electroplating layer, spray layer, brush layer and so on. Electroplating can not only make the surface of equipment beautiful, but also equipment rust, corrosion, it is widely used in production practice. However, a large area for electroplating, electroplating equipment by the restrictions, the general factory does not attach such a workshop. Metal coating UV light curing mainly include food cans UV light curing, automotive and equipment decoration UV light curing, traffic tunnel wall UV light curing, stripping lining UV light curing, UV light curing label, casting UV light curing.
Metal coating UV light curing:
Metal coating UV light curing can improve the parts corrosion resistance, friction, wear and fatigue, and for some matrix material does not require this requirement. The performance of the surface coating depends on the properties of the substrate material, the surface finish and the coating thickness, which can result in two orders of magnitude changes in the surface friction; the friction of the soft metal coating is small and the friction of the hard metal coating Force larger. Very smooth surface and very thin coating, these effects are more obvious. The thin soft metal coating has greater wear resistance, while the thin hard metal coating has less abrasion resistance. Whether it is the kind of material, UV light curingtechnology can play a corrosion resistance, friction, wear and fatigue role.